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Queer As Folk Quotes

no apologies, no excuses, no limits, no regrets

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Welcome To Queer As Folk Quotes

Welcome once again to qafquotes! This Livejournal community was created for all Queer as Folk fans to come together and share their favorite QAF Conversations, Quotes and Dialoge and of course discuss them. If there is a conversation between two Characters that you think might lead to something in the Shows future or might spark a relationship, then feel free to share and discuss it. This is also just a community to share your favorite Queer as Folk Quotes and to celebrate the great dialouge that comes along with this great show.

::Rules:: Please read before joining.

LJ-cut: If you are posting a long conversation between characters please put it behind an LJ-cut or if a quote contains some sort of spoiler please put it behind an LJ-Cut, there are many Queer As Folk fans out there and most of them have varying Showtime Access.
(If you do not know how to create an LJ-Cut click here)
Hate, Disrespect, Gay bashing, and Cruelity will not be tolerated in this community. If you have a problem with a certain member, please take it up with the maintainer, and we will handle it ASAP, do not take matters into your own hands. Any gay bashing on this community will not be tolerated at any cost, if there is a post or comment with gay bashing or homophobia in it that post will be deleted and the member will be warned, if it continues that member will be band. If you have a problem with the show Queer As Folk or homosexuals just dont join this community...its that simple.
Respect all members of this community and their opinions.


Mod: monticora; Cael

Hey everyone, This was officially my first livejournal community I had ever created and I must say I am very proud of it and it's success here on livejournal. If you have any questions or comments regarding this commmunity, or not feel free to contact me. My e-mail is cmspillane@hotmail.com and my AIM is listed in my user-info. Feel free to check out my personal livejournal and add me if you wish, I am always looking for new people to interact with.

Also feel free to check out my other community qaf_layouts, where I as well as many other contribute tons of graphics and layouts for all your Queer as Folk Livejournal needs.

Co-mod(s): alex_andras; Alex

I'm eighteen, and I live in Ottawa, Canada, where I attend the U. of Ottawa. I am currently starting the second year of my attempt to get a degree in womyn's and religious studies. My life revolves around my friends, school, politics, and volunteering, many of which are intertwined. The average day finds me in front of my computer, where I spend absurd amounds of time on LJ, playing Sudoku, watching Queer as Folk, and/or doing schoolwork, then probably at school for one reason or another (I live three blocks away, it's easy). I end a lot of my days in the Foot Patrol office (Foot Patrol is a safewalk service built on the principle of safety in numbers; essentially, we walk people home after dark). I'm transgendered and openly gay, and for the most part pretty laid-back; the exception is activism. V-Day (a global campaign to stop violence against womyn) runs my life.

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